Green Initiatives

Salon Soca is dedicated to doing all we can to run a green, environmentally-conscious business.  For the past two years, we've been recognized as one of the SALON TODAY Top 200, not only as one of the fastest growing salons in the U.S., but also as a winner of the Environmental Sustainability Award.

Why We Work with AVEDA

From day one, Salon Soca has been an Aveda Concept Salon. We chose to be an AVEDA partner because of their steadfast devotion to doing business consciously and sustainably. AVEDA was the first beauty company manufacturing with 100% certified wind power, and is certified by Green-E, the nation's leading renewable energy certification program. AVEDA's goal is to provide beauty industry professionals with high performance, botanically based products that are better for service providers and their guests, as well as for the planet. Aveda believes that authentic beauty cares for the environment which we inherited from elders and will leave to generations that follow us.

Earth Month

Aveda runs an annual Earth Month funraising campaign in April to help salons raise money and awareness for the Great Lakes Alliance, a clean water fund. Every year our staff raises money for the Great Lakes Alliance by selling raffle tickets to win a free haircut. We also hold fundraising events ranging from fashion shows to parties to cut-a-thons! 

Salon Environmental Efforts

At Salon Soca, we believe that little things you do every day can make a great impact. Here are just a few of the ways we live and work consciously every day.

  • We installed a hand dryer in the bathroom to reduce paper waste and we buy recycled paper toilet tissue.
  • The salon uses recycled paper and soy based ink for all print materials. We also recycle all our old magazines.
  • Our team has decided to use reusable water bottles and reusable cups whenever possible, and recycle aluminum cans and glass bottles.
  • We participate with Aveda in recycling plastic product caps made of a form of plastic not acceptable to most traditional recyclers.
  • We wash a majority of our laundry using cold water and use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.
  • We had a secondary high-efficiency A/C system installed that lets us cool the salon in just minutes, allowing us to completely turn off our A/C at night and use it less during the day.
  • We use compact fluorescent bulbs wherever possible.
  • Instead of buying a new front desk, we had our desk dismantled, reconfigured and reinstalled.
  • We had special window tinting installed specifically to help us use less energy.
  • We have a 97 out of 100 rating at which allows us to walk to area stores for salon supplies, lunch, etc. Many of our customers walk to the salon too.
  • Many of our team members choose to use public transportation, car pool, walk or bike to work.

Contact us with any questions about our environmental efforts. We welcome your comments and feedback.

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